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Harare, 20-26 October 2019.

The artists K_Van presents his work
‘Authentic’ at the First Floor gallery Harare.

Computerised drawings plotted on paper with coloured ballpoints.
Through a collection of sketches, the artist has delved into his past
using his homes as a connecting thread.

K_Van: “At a certain moment I felt that I needed to re-examine the core of my authenticity. 
I wanted to evoke a sense of slowness, patience, concentration.’’

He took to redrawing building layouts and remodelled them into new structures.

“I have reached all the way back into my childhood and have reexamined each building and its life experiences.’’

He drew his buildings on a Wacom drawing tablet that instantly digitized the motion of the pen.
Using a homemade plotter, K_Van produced his drawings using different ballpoints, pencils and felt-tip pens.

“Oddly enough, these digital artworks are quite authentic.” the artist laughs.